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Never have we seen an epidemic of this scale anywhere on planet earth. So what does it mean to our financial future & the property market itself in Australia?

In all of Australia's History we have never had a LOWER interest rate than now, currently at 0.25%, I predict that the interest rate will go to ZERO in the near future, while Australian's try to survive the financial crisis that we are currently in.

As Australia is now in self isolation mode, forcing alot of businesses to close their doors and those they remain open have strict rules regarding social distancing this being the case the stock market has taken quite a hit as well as most superannuation funds.

Businesses in hospitality, public entertainment, tourism, airlines & travel sectors have been effected dramatically as the Australian government urges people to refrain from non-essential activities since 25th March 2020. Qantas has stood down without pay 20,000 of its 30,000 workers, Virgin Airlines has made staff take leave without pay, Flight Centre has closed 100 stores, Retail giants such as Myer, H&M and Cotton On have all temporarily closed their doors with many smaller businesses closing their doors due to lack of trade.

This being the case most businesses will struggle to survive after the storm has settled meaning in the near future I believe we will be seeing many voluntary receiverships, Liquidations & bank foreclosures. On 30 March, the Government announced the $130 billion JobKeeper Payment to help keep Australians in jobs as we deal with the significant economic impact from the Coronavirus.


Well Queensland's property market is still strong currently in areas which have more owner occupiers then investors, such as the Gold Coast, while some other locations that are predominately driven by investors have had a significant downturn in sale prices, this is mainly due to lending restrictions, consumer fear & the fact that Auctions/open homes are currently banned.

So if you need to sell NOW would be the time to sell your property or you may have a bumpy ride for at least the foreseeable future...

While on the flip side If you have money to invest or have properties in Queensland that you can afford to hold onto then times are great for buying as money has never been cheaper to borrow and prices appear like they are softening, so there will be some bargain buying especially if foreclosures occur in the future. Some of my larger clients believe that the interest rates may go into negative territory and that there may even be hyper inflation due to the the current quantitative easing by the RBA, if so this is only good news for those investing in property that don't need to sell.

Remember in all of history property has always come out ontop, thats why they say "It's as safe as bricks & mortar".

One of my more experienced clients always told me "Remember Tim, Inflation makes Debt irrelevant."

Realestate, Invest in YOUR FUTURE, I'am!


* Please NOTE that any information in this article is my personal professional opinion & NOT financial advice, Please seek financial advice if you require to do so.

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